Welcome to VibrasticLab!

We are vibration and acoustic laboratory (VibrasticLab), Dept. of Engineering Physics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya. Founded in 1965, Dept. of Engineering Physics is multi-discipline area focusing on five field of interest: instrumentation and control, photonics, energy conservation, material engineering and vibration acoustics.

The aim of the lab is to understand physics phenomena of sound and vibration and its implementation for advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Most research in our lab is conducted to model human auditory processing as well as its implementation for separation, localization, signal enhancement, speech recognition and synthesis, noise mapping, vibration analysis, fault detection and much more for both industry and humanity.

Beside progressively doing research we also serve wide area of acoustic and vibration engineering including room acoustics, vibration analysis, speech synthesis and many other. Please contact us if you need the assistant.

VibrasticLab is certified LBE (Lab-Based Education) by JICA through ITS – Preditc2 JICA Project.